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About Osel Study Group


Sonam Bist was born in the Himalayas but moved to Delhi as a young man where he trained with Buddhist teacher and Reiki master Losang Namgyel. Sonam has become a powerful healer, practising for the last ten years. Those fortunate enough to receive a treatment from Sonam usually say they were the most profound they had ever had, creating deep changes within them. Open hearted and a naturally gifted healer, Sonam is a Reiki Master in his own right but chooses not to teach.

Veronica King is a practicing natural therapist and experienced naturopathic chef, (trained at the famous Tyringham naturopathic clinic U.K. Using a wide range of therapies as well as her long-standing Buddhist spiritual practice, to help those who come to her for help. A student of Lama Zopa Rinpoche since her early twenties, she has gone on to study and practise homeopathy, herbalism, reflexology, diet and nutrition. She is particularly interested in how the mind and emotions can affect the body and she has herself recovered from cancer using alternative therapies, psychotherepy and the Tibetan Buddhist practices of Lovingkindness and Medicine Buddha.. Together, they have formed the basis of her healing practice today.

Venerable is a Buddhist monk who has been studying Buddhism for the last 19 years, He is a renowned Dharma and Reiki Teacher. Venerable has been interested for many years in the interface between body and mind and has studied and practised a number of natural holistic therapies including homoeopathy.

Osel Study Group has been based in Goa for 11years offering meditation classes and dharma teachingson a non residential basis. Now the centre is able to offer residential courses and retreats as well as a daily programme focussing on "Metta" meditation and Medicine Buddha practice. We will have other Dharma courses throughout the season. Open from Nov to April.

Lapis Light, a seperate venture runs alongside OSG and helps to support it. Lapiz Light offers a holistic approach beyond the norm. Based on Buddhist precepts and principles and combining a wide range of natural therapies and treatments, it seeks to offer to each individual what he or she needs. Whether you suffer from a chronic illness or a serious metabolic disorder, insomnia or depression, if you are overweight or you simply want to achieve your optimum level of health, Lapis Light, currently operating alongside Osel Study Group but is seperate, offers a caring environment and caring professionals who are genuinely interested in your healing.

In order to remove the cause of serious illness, we need to understand our minds and the way we react to our environment. At the same time, we need to understand and take loving care of our bodies – understanding what food is of the most benefit and how to cook it; how to exercise for health and vitality rather than it being a boring chore. And, to support these major changes we may need to make in our lives, we need the natural healing treatments that are right for us.
Lapis Light offers a variety of one-to-one sessions with therapists, long-term health assessment and development and one-day to ten-day courses. Including Holistic cookery classes/cour


This course is tailored to the individual, your particular needs and ailments. At the core of the programme is metta meditation and practice which, through Buddhist loving kindness meditation, opens our hearts not just to others but to our often-neglected selves, cultivating love, joy, compassion and equanimity. At the same time, your state of health is analysed and a programme of detoxification, assessing and stabilising your acid-alkaline balance, is given together with any supplements your specific condition may require as well as a follow-up diet for optimum nutrition – including cookery lessons, if needed! These core practices are supplemented with a variety of therapies, all tailored to individual needs, and can include yoga/chi gung, homoeopathy, bodywork, reiki, reflexology, individual counselling and visualisation and relaxation

Reiki is a profound healing art in which universal energy is channelled through the practitioner to the individual for healing that can be physical, spiritual or emotional. Individual reiki treatments are available, as are training courses by a reiki master.

Homeopathy known as “energy medicine” founded in the 19th century by Dr Samual Hahneman who called this system “The gentle art of cure”. Based on the principle that disease can be cured by strengthening the defence mechanism or vital force with substances selected and prepared for their energy giving properties. Homoeopathy derived from the word “homeo” and “pathos” “similar suffering” a remedy is selected which in it’s crude form, would produce in a healthy person the same symptoms found in a sick person suffering from the specific disease. This crude substance, selected from herbs, minerals or chemicals is prepared by diluting and purifying beyond the point of harm and then “sucussed” to release it’s quintessential state of energy. Since Homoeopathy treats the whole person we find the remedy that resonates with the person and their symptoms of body ,mind and spirit. Bringing about healing and balance.

This is an ancient art of healing practiced on the feet, where three dimensional areas containing nerve endings (reflexes), that correspond to all the parts of the body, are stimulated by an accupressure technique. This is a wonderful method of relieving stress and can also help alleviate persistent health problems. Reflexology works by breaking down the toxins that accumulate in the nerve endings, thus freeing up the blood and nutrient supply to the corresponding parts of the body bringing about healing, deep relaxation and eventually restoring a state of balance wellbeing and vitality.

We have all heard “we are what we eat” but in fact we are what we absorb from what we eat. Here we look at what foods are beneficial for us and what foods are harmful depending on our metabolic type and discover the naturopathic approach to diet in order to obtain optimum health in any circumstance particularly those wishing to help themselves overcome disease.

Yoga at Lapis Light is tailored to the individual’s needs. You can have one to one tuition but, even in a class, your teacher will help you to get the most out of your practice at the level you are and help you to exercise in a way that will give you more energy rather than exhaust you.

Meditation courses are run by Osel Study Group, and take place every month between October and April. Even if you have never meditated before, you will find the opportunity to experience a wide variety of different forms of meditation, together with clear explanations and guidance for your practice.

Osel Study Group is based at a small ashram, near Vagator Beach, in Goa. The accommodation offered as part of the package price includes basic facilities - small dormitory rooms and a shared bathroom. However, if you feel you want a single room or would prefer to stay in a local hotel, we are happy to arrange accommodation close to our centre at Buddha House We have very tasty vegetarian food, sourced from local growers, without any pesticides, which is included. If you have special dietary requirements, please email us with your needs, and we will try our best to help you.
To receive a calendar of dates for retreats and courses run by Osel Study Group and Lapis Light, please email us at


Sonam Bist (Goa) 00 91 832 2273934 9860998402

Buddha House, Muddi Zor, Anjuna, 503409, Goa India

Veronica King (UK) 00 44 (0)1409 261495 mobile 00 44 (0) 7981 703538
Goa 00 91 9881494472

The Priory Retreat, Thornbury, Holsworthy, Devon, EX22 7DA U.K.


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